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History of Wavebreak Rigid Inflatable Boats

Grant Parkins, Boat BuilderFrustrated by a market filled with hard-riding, cramped rigid inflatables, Grant Parkins of GP Engineering decided it was time to design and build a RIB that would satisfy the most discerning customer = himself.

An avid outdoor sportsman and highly-experienced marine engineer, Grant knew what features were vital to ensuring high-performance handling, passenger comfort and safety, room for diving, fishing and hunting gear, and flexible configuration to accommodate various activities.

In 1996 he launched his first hand-crafted alloy-hulled rigid inflatable boat and he named her, Wavebreak.

Best RIB in its Class

GP Engineering has been designing and building Wavebreak Rigid Inflatables ever since. Through the years we have perfected the hull and incorporated innovative design features to achieve what many believe is the best RIB in its class.

Designed to provide optimal room and stability, Wavebreaks endure rugged treatment without compromising rough water performance or safety.

Heading out for a fish in Fiordland
Our RHIB models include Bare (tiller-style), Centre-Console, Sport, Jetboats and Outboard Jet Boats, Blue-Water Cruisers and Offshore Series.

All custom-built, Wavebreaks range from 3M tenders to 11.5M launches

Built in Nelson NZ since 1996!

Buy NZ Made!Wavebreaks are designed in New Zealand and built in New Zealand. Our RIBs are not mass-produced elsewhere and imported into the country under a NZ-designed logo.

Each and every Wavebreak is individually constructed by Grant Parkins in our workshop in Nelson. This ensures superior-quality construction and allows for complete customization.

Our hands-on approach and accessibility enables customers to talk directly to us before, during and after construction and delivery.

Call or email us - we are more than happy to help!

Maritime Operator Safety System (formerly Safe Ship Management) Compliant

Maritime Operator Safety System (formerly Safe Ship Management) CompliantThe Wavebreak's superiority is proven: Maritime Operator Safety System Build Certification is available for coastguard, rescue, police, tour, boat hire and other commercial operations.

Wavebreaks are built to exceed strict survey standards as administered by Ministry of Primary Industries and other international organizations.

One customer said it best: "You can rely on a Wavebreak."

Exceptional Performance and Quality

Wavebreak Jet Boat powered by 200hp Mercury OptimaxBoth recreational and commercial users agree that the Wavebreak delivers what is promised: our outboard models provide smooth dry rides in rough seas and our jetboats allow fast, confident navigation over rocky riverbeds.

Vital Features for Safety at Sea

We specialise in building MNZ-approved Rescue RIBs and Commercial CrafftReverse chines enable fast planing, sharp cornering and predictable handling; D-shaped pontoons and thoughtful layouts provide uncluttered internal space; wide beam and large pontoons guarantee superb stability both at rest and while under-way.

Thick alloy hulls tolerate bottom impacts; and our "dual-layer" pontoon system with high alloy sides ensure vital safety at sea and durability in rugged conditions.

Superior Design Features

*Top quality 5083 marine-grade alloy hull and sides provide up to 600mm freeboard
*High sides enable boat to remain operational even with fully-deflated pontoons
*Large D-shape pontoons free up internal floor space and provide excellent stability
*Puncture-resistant "dual layer" pontoon system is safer than single systems including Hypalon
*Removable heavy-duty bladders are encased by durable rip-stop outers
*Pontoons are not glued to hull - bladders and outers are removable for easy repairs
*Large duckbill scuppers ensure fast self-drainage
*Fully-swamped boats remain stable, operational and empty in minutes
*V-shaped hulls with appropriate entry and angle ensure excellent predictable rides
*Reverse chines enable fast planing and positive cornering
*Superb handling gives confidence to even the most inexperienced helmsman

Finely Handcrafted and Custom-Built

Wavebreaks are customized to suit individual needs.Each and every Wavebreak is handcrafted using only the finest marine-grade materials available.

Wavebreaks are available with standard features, customized from our extensive selection of options, or completely custom-built as one-off models.

And because we are precision and marine engineers as well as boat builders, we can design and manufacture components necessary to suit particular needs.

Versatile and Reliable

GP Engineering has built Wavebreaks for a variety of users including blue-water yachtsmen, commercial dive boats, deep-sea trawlers, recreational fishermen and divers, the Auckland Coast Guard, New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries, NZ Sea Cadets, NZ Department of Conservation, various yacht clubs, tour operators and guest lodges.

Jason and his mate at their favorite spearfishing grounds...

We even built one for Jason for spearfishing!

Accessible & Accountable Manufacturer

Grant and the Wavebreak CruiserWavebreaks are solely manufactured by GP Engineering Ltd in Nelson, New Zealand. We do not outsource or license our designs for others to manufacture. This ensures consistent top-quality construction at every step of the build process.

Our hands-on approach and accessibility enable customers to talk directly to us before, during and after construction and delivery.

We take great pride in producing outstanding boats and exceeding expectations. Call us today to discuss your new Wavebreak.

Wavebreaks = Fish Magnets

7.3kg = 16lb !  That's a huge fish!!

Simon caught this 7.3kg snapper off Great Barrier Island, New Zealand.

Hmmmm, the spearos have captured something big... What is it?!

Holy Schmoly!! It's a 37kg (81.50lb) kingfish! Well done, Buoys!

There's no escaping Garrett when you're a cray and he's in the mood for a feed!

These John Dory were drawn to the Wavebreak Sport, so Grant took advantage and snatched them up with a little bit of squid on a 20lb-test line.

You say Groper, I say Grouper.  Let's all say, dinnertime!The sun was shining, birds were singing and the grouper were chomping in the Milford Sounds, Fiordland. Nice catch, Graeme!

Luke caught the biggest snapper from a secret location (call us for the coordinates! kidding, we won't give them to you.)

Oh, Snap!

More than a Boat Builder...

We even designed and machined our own stretcher brackets...We are precision and marine engineers as well as boat builders. Our involvement in the marine industry includes the manufacture of Wavebreak inflatables, custom alloy jetski trailers, the repair and modification of trailer-boats, the design and manufacture of high performance boat and jetski racing parts, and the design and manufacture of custom marine accessories.

High Performance Engineering for Personal Watercraft

Grant (#37) on the Start LineGP Engineering is a one-stop shop for all your jetski needs. We sell and service all brands of jetskis including Polaris, Yamaha, Seadoo and Kawasaki.

High performance engineering for personal watercraft is another of our specialties. We design and manufacture PWC racing parts such as alloy hand-poles, sponsons, scoop grates, pump housing wear-rings and handlebar kits. Contact us to discuss how we can help your ski perform better.

NZ's "Master Service Dealer" for Polaris Personal Watercraft

GP Engineering = NZ's "Master Service Dealer" for Polaris PWCs
We are New Zealand's certified "Master Service Dealer" for Polaris personal watercraft, servicing all models and supplying all parts and accessories for Polaris jetskis throughout the country.

Aftermarket Jetski Parts and Accessories

Flame Arrestor Base Units manufactured by GP Engineering Ltd.We can provide the jetski parts you need for modifying, repairing or upgrading your watercraft. Our aftermarket products include Riva Racing, Solas, NuJet, Skat-Trak, Mikuni, Keihin, R&D, BeachHouse, Wamilton, Factory Pipe, WORX, UMI Racing, Hydroturf, Atlantis, Slippery, Jetpilot and many others!

Custom-Built Alloy Jetski Trailers

Our alloy jetski trailers not only look good but are extremely well-built!GP Engineering's custom-built alloy jetski trailers and jetski trolleys have no rivals when it comes to superior construction and great style.

Our use of only the best components helps to ensure your jetski will be well-protected from harsh road and salt-water conditions, without compromising looks!

We couple the highest standard of workmanship and products with fair and honest pricing, striving to exceed customer expectation and satisfaction.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have - we are always happy to help!

GP Engineering | Wavebreak RIBs | Jetboat Parts | Jetski Service & Parts | Jetski & Boat Trailers
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