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Innovative, Well-Designed and Superbly Constructed

Wavebreak Jet RIBs set a new standard for innovative, well-designed and superbly constructed rigid inflatable jet boats.

Our jet rhibs have undergone strict design evaluation and survey testing making them one of the few small jetboats eligible for placement in Maritime New Zealand's MOSS (formerly Safe Ship Management) programme for commercial operations.

Raising the Bar and Setting a New Standard in Jet RHIBs!

Designed and built exclusively in New Zealand Wavebreak Jets endure harsh conditions and rugged treatment without compromising performance or safety.

Our progressive design, loaded with safety features, sets the Wavebreak apart from others and enables you to explore more areas you wouldn't dare approach in less durable boats.

Fast, Fun and Versatile

Fast, fun and versatile, our jet RHIBs are sturdy enough to handle work and play in rivers and seas and/or both.

All Wavebreaks are built to suit. In addition to our traditional fizzboat sport models, we offer custom center-consoles including those which allow the driver to sit, stand or lean.

Excellent Marine Power Options

We only install motors that are specifically designed to withstand harsh marine conditions.

Powered by your choice of either new 200hp Mercury Optimax, 120hp Turbo-Charged Textron Weber or reconditioned Polaris, these technologically-advanced motors are lightweight and provide perfect power-to-weight on our 3.8M to 5M jet boats.

Custom Vees for Your Kind of Jetboating

While all Wavebreak hulls are constructed of certified marine-grade 5083 alloy we offer a shallow-vee hull for rivers, a deep vee for seas, and multi-purpose intermediate vee for boats operating in both environments

Superior Safety Features are Key Components

In addition to our certified 5083 marine-grade alloy hulls, Wavebreaks feature high alloy sides which create a "boat within a boat".

These high sides enable the Wavebreak to remain floating and more importantly, operational even with fully-deflated bladders.

Spacious Interiors

The alloy sides also form D-shaped pontoons which free-up floor space, providing excellent internal room and high freeboard. 4.5m Wavebreak Jets have a usable load capacity of approximately 700kgs.


Small and PowerfulThe Wavebreak's superior "dual-layer" pontoon system is another important safety component of its design.

Wavebreak RHIBs feature heavy-duty inflatable butynol bladders encased and protected by puncture-resistant thermo-welded rip-stop polymer-coated outer bags. Whew - that's a mouthful of safety!

It takes practically an act of vandalism to puncture through the Wavebreak's protective outer bags and into its inflated bladders!

But even if the unthinkable happened because our dual-layer pontoon system is removable, most repairs can be made with a simple truck tyre repair kit - right where you are!

Inflatable Pontoons are Preferable over Alloy Pontoons

There are many reasons why inflatable pontoons are preferable over alloy pontoons.

The Wavebreak's inflatable pontoons can take heavy knocks without denting or splitting open - an important consideration when traveling through rocky rivers or choppy seas.

Inflatable pontoons enable heavy loads to carried on the boat without compromising freeboard which is greatly appreciated by game hunters and paua divers.

Inflatable boats remain afloat even when full of water, and in the case of the Wavebreak because its battery is protected and the engine compartment water-tight, the motor will continue to run and the boat can be emptied in mere minutes.

Wavebreak Inflatable Jet Boats are lightweight and easy to launch and retrieve.

Precision Engineer and Boat-Builder = the Perfect Combination!

Wavebreak rigid inflatable boats are handcrafted: each boat is custom-built to satisfy your specific needs. Our flexibility in the manufacturing process ensures your boat is outfitted the way you want it.

And because we are precision engineers as well as boat builders, we can design, manufacture and install components necessary to your work and/or pleasure.

Handcrafted Exclusively by Grant Parkins of GP Engineering Ltd.

Diverse interests convinced Grant Parkins, owner of GP Engineering, to design and manufacture the jet-powered RHIB.

"My pursuit of adventure activities required a boat that could take me anywhere, regardless of conditions. Sometimes I want to dive and fish off the coast. Other times, I want to hunt or explore rivers. The Wavebreak Jet lets me do it all - it's fast, fun and versatile."

Custom-Built to Meet Specific Needs

Wavebreak Jets are custom-built to meet your specific needs.Wavebreak rigid inflatable boats are designed, custom built, sold & serviced directly by GP Engineering of Nelson, New Zealand.

We strive to exceed expectations, and being absolutely accessible to customers is key to our success. Our flexibility in the construction process ensures that your RHIB is outfitted exactly the way you want and need it.

Outboard Jets

We also build Wavebreaks to accommodate Outboard Jet units, which we can supply and install.

Many of our customers appreciate having the option to convert their traditional RIB from an outboard model to a jet boat at their whim - especially during whitebait season!

Excellent Power and Maneuverability

The Wavebreak Outboard Jet features a modified hull specifically designed to facilitate the flow of water pass the hull and into the Outboard Jet unit, providing excellent power and maneuverability.

By keeping a 19 degree deadrise, the Wavebreak Outboard Jet model also maintains a great ride in the sea.

Wavebreak OB Jet Models = Two Boats in One!

Lightweight with plenty of room for gear and passengers, our OB jet models are the perfect choice for those wanting to access both river and sea without having to own two kinds of boats!

Are You Ready for the Extraordinary?

Call us, email us or stop by our workshop - and experience the new standard in Rigid Inflatable Jet Boats!

Phone us at +64 (0)3 546-5065 or send us an Email: Click here

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