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Jetski Sales, Service and Parts

Closed course racing with the Canterbury Jet Sports Club, Christchurch, New ZealandGP Engineering Ltd. is a full-service PWC / jetski repair shop, capable of servicing and repairing all makes and models of personal watercraft including Kawasaki, Yamaha, Polaris, Honda and HydroSpace.

Considered to be the high performance engineering experts for personal watercraft we can manufacture, modify and/or repair existing parts that might otherwise need replacement.

Alloy handlepoles manufactured by GP Engineering Ltd. of Nelson, New Zealand.GP Engineering is a one-stop shop for all your jetski needs. We design and manufacture our own parts including alloy hand-poles, sponsons, scoop grates, pump housing wear-rings and handlebar kits.

Our ability to source aftermarket parts for all makes and models of jetskis enable us to offer competitive pricing.

Aftermarket Parts and Accessories

Slippery wetsuits and FFM helmets - guaranteed to help you look the part while riding or racing!

Polaris Master Service Dealer

Don't limit yourself to the water - grab some airtime!GP Engineering Ltd is a Polaris "Master Service" dealer, authorized to sell and service Polaris personal watercraft (PWC) and to distribute Pure Polaris parts and accessories.

We are also authorised distributors of aftermarket parts for all the other brands of jetskis including Hydrospace, SeaDoo, Kawasaki, Honda and Yamaha.

Expert Engineering for Modifications and Rebuilds

RRrrrrrracin'!We are intimately familiar with all makes and models of jetskis. We know what modifications work and which ones are just "fluff".

Call us before you spend serious dollars on repairs and/or modifications you may not need. We'll discuss your issues and help determine the best route to take to achieve your desired performance.

Unsurpassed Customer Service

Bring the whole family!Whichever jetski model you ride, rest assured that GP Engineering's expertise and unsurpassed customer service will help you to keep your personal watercraft running at its very best!

Contact us if you have any questions - we are always happy to help and look forward to hearing from you!

Phone us at +64 (0)3 546-5065 or send us an Email: Click here

Quality parts for your jetski or personal water craft

GP20-05000  -  Jetski Accessories  -  enquire
Contact us for all your jetski accessories!

Manufacturer: Misc.
Jetski Accessories

GP20-05002  -  Lanyards  -  enquire
We carry aftermarket lanyards for Polaris, Kawasaki, Seadoo, Yamaha, Tigersharks and Wetbikes.

Manufacturer: Atlantis

GP20-05007  -  Hydroturf Splash Guard  -  enquire
*Drier Ride through Rough Water
*Universal Fit
*Durable High Density Foam
*Includes Hardware

We also offer HydroTurf Mats, Handlepole Pads, Side-Lifters, Back-Supports, and Free-Style Kits!

Manufacturer: HydroTurf
Hydroturf Splash Guard

GP20-05008  -  Gaskets - OEM and Aftermarket  -  enquire
Single or complete sets of gaskets for your particular ski.

Gaskets - OEM and Aftermarket

GP20-05009  -  Trailer Parts & Accessories  -  enquire
Everything you need for your jetski or boat trailer.

Manufacturer: Misc.
Trailer Parts & Accessories

GP20-05011  -  Flame Arrestor - Pro Series II (3  -  enquire
Top quality power filter increases airflow for a higher level of performance. Also allows easier access to carbs for tuning. No rejetting necessary on stock boats.

(Shown with GP Engineering's red anodized Flame Arrestor Base Unit.)

Manufacturer: Tau Ceti
Flame Arrestor - Pro Series II (3

GP20-05030  -  Bilge Pump Kit  -  enquire
Kit includes 500gph Rule Pump, Alloy Overboard Fitting, Waterproof Switch, Fuse Kit and 3/4" Hose.

Manufacturer: Misc.
Bilge Pump Kit

GP20-05031  -  Primer Kit  -  enquire
Kit available for either two-cylinder or three-cylinder engines. Includes primer, hose, t- and carb fittings.

Manufacturer: Misc.
Primer Kit

GP20-05032  -  Flush Kit  -  enquire
High-quality bayonet-type non-return valve unit. 1/2 inch.

Manufacturer: CPC
Flush Kit

GP20-05060  -  Grips - ODI Rogue Lock-On  -  enquire
The patented ODI Lock-On Grip System for Watercraft utilizes four aluminium Lock Jaw clamps (two on each grip) to "lock" the grips onto your bars and prevent slipping.

Grips install in seconds without the need for any ties or glues and can be easily removed and reinstalled without damage to the grips.

Manufacturer: ODI
Grips - ODI Rogue Lock-On

GP20-05061  -  Grips for Watercraft  -  enquire
We stock grips to suit your needs including ODI Lock-Ons, ATI, and the ultra-cool Lizardskins!

Manufacturer: Lizardskins
Grips for Watercraft

GP20-05070  -  Wear-Rings & Impellers  -  enquire
Don't throw away your damaged impellers and wear-rings! Our full-service engineering shop can repair most damaged items to mint condition. New SkatTrac, Solas and NuJet units also available.

Manufacturer: GP Engineering Ltd.
Wear-Rings & Impellers

GP20-1000  -  GPE Alloy Handle Pole  -  enquire
Fits Octane, SuperJet and Kawasaki SXR-800. Lightweight but strong alloy pole designed for racing and surf-riding. Adaptor kits also available.

Manufacturer: GP Engineering Ltd.
GPE Alloy Handle Pole

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